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World Without Horizons

World Without Horizons (アニメとマンガの世界) is a publication that covers anime and manga related news, reviews, lifestyle, and event updates. The aim is to bring readers closer towards a greater appreciation for the anime and manga medium. For only the anime and manga is truly the world without horizons.
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Reika Investments Group

Founded in 2017, Reika Investments Group was formed to better appreciate the Anime & Manga Industry on a whole, and to see how the corporation was able to re-invest back into the industry, to promote growth and change the outlook of anime and manga for the future.
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Anime Fintech

Anime Fintech (AFT) is a social trading platform for anime, manga and gaming fans from all around the world. The sole purpose of AFT is to educate anime fans on becoming professional traders. It is the brainchild of a team of trading veterans, as well as anime and manga otakus, with over 20 years of combined experience and success.
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Project BlueSteel

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About WWHCurrent

The sky has turned brighter. There's a glorious rainbow that beckons those with the spirit of adventure, and there are rich findings at the end of that rainbow. Look at that horizon, follow that rainbow, go ride it.

Founded in 2008, WWHCurrent is a corporation created for the sole purpose of serving the anime and manga community. From a humble team of 2, we have branched out to a team of 42 from all around the world. We aim not only to bring readers and industry professionals closer with the Japanese pop-culture, but to expand upon it.

By investing into new platforms, technologies and ideas, we aim to find new ways and methods to push the anime and manga medium to the rest of the world.

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Years of Experience

Why We Are Different



We ensure that all our products are something worthwhile of your time. All our services are tested over and over again to ensure that quality is achieved.



At everything we do, we want to emphasise that we care about the anime and manga community at heart. That’s why all our products and services are with the community in mind.



In order to stay one cut above the rest, we most of our time and effort into finding new innovative ideas. We also continue to innovate on our existing products to make them better and even more pronounced that ever.



At WWHCurrent, we aim to be excellent in all that we do. We won’t settle for good enough, but outstanding. To ensure that al our customers are both impressed and taken aback by our standards.

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At WWHCurrent, we never shy away from an opportunity. We are always open to new ideas. Feel free to contact us to discuss new business opportunities.

Key Management

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Wan Wei Han

Founder, CEO

Mr Wan Wei Han is the incumbent CEO of WWHCurrent, and also the Chairman of Reika Investments Group. In this capacity, he oversaw the firm’s operations, managed business development efforts and focused on building growth. He’s played a major role in developing strategy, setting policy and overseeing new acquisitions and projects.
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Paul Wan


With more than 30 years of experience in the auditing field, clients have benefited from his extensive knowledge of business in regional or the world economies, which is critical for any client and businesses today. Mr Wan’s experience spans from audit, taxation, business advisory, merger & acquisitions and also the IPOs of Companies; both in Singapore and Overseas Markets.
Nathaniel [Web] v2

Nathaniel Michelin

Marketing Executive

Nathaniel Michelin is a marketing director in WWHCurrent (WWHC). His works include the creation and development of the WWHC brand, market research and analysis, product development, and the development and execution of marketing plans.
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Aaron Sin

Operations Executive

Aaron has been part of the WWHCurrent team for more than 6 years, starting off with the WorldWithoutHorizons publishing arm. He has since been working closely with writers and fellow editors to discuss and execute operational procedures and plans. He has developed robust workflow systems and procedures for all correspondents and reviewers.
Aikeen [Web]

Aikeen Lim

Operations Executive

Aikeen Lim Youu Ming is the incumbent operations executive of the media department dating back to August 2016. With more than 3 years of experience, he rose through the ranks in our WorldWithoutHorizons publishing arm. He has an extensive background in Japanese Pop Culture events coverage, as well as establishing firm links with media and event partners to work out possible business opportunities.
Daniel [Web]

Daniel Tan

Sales Executive

Daniel Tan is our Sales Executive. His responsibilities include developing and executing cross regional sales plans, pipeline development and business management. He oversees the firm’s network of clients and communication channels.
Jun Kai [Web]

Yong Jun Kai

Public Relations Executive

Yong Jun Kai is our Public Relations and Networking Executive. Mr Yong joined WWHCurrent in August 2015 as a contributor and has since taken up the role as public relations executive due to his extensive knowledge and knowhow of the Japanese Pop Culture Scene. His extensive network and connections invite opportunities for WWHCurrent.

Kin Sun [Web]

Wong Kin Sun

Technical Executive

Wong Kin Sun is our technical director. Starting out with the team in 2015, Mr Wong has adapted and taken on new challenges with communicating and understanding technical issues at the company. In 2017, he leads our quality assurance team at project AFT.

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We look forward to working with you.

At WWHCurrent, we never shy away from an opportunity. We are always open to new ideas. Feel free to contact us to discuss new business opportunities.


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