trade wars

Tariff Wars and the Entertainment Industry

[fusion_dropcap boxed=”no” boxed_radius=”” class=”” id=”” color=””]W[/fusion_dropcap]ith so much talk in the international news about trade wars and unexpected tariffs, there is an understandably high level of uncertainty in the global trading market these days. Revolving around the US president’s instigation against China, the entire world has braced for anything and everything possible in terms of…

Net Neutrality

Anime in the World of Net Neutrality

[fusion_dropcap boxed=”no” boxed_radius=”” class=”” id=”” color=””]S[/fusion_dropcap]ince the dawn of the internet a little over 20 years ago, it has undoubtedly earned the reputation of being known as the “Wild West of the modern world”. As the physical world seemingly shrinks in this age of interconnectedness, people pack up and move their lives to the internet…

Chinese-Japanese Anime Co-productions: A Booming Industry

[fusion_dropcap boxed=”no” boxed_radius=”” class=”” id=”” color=””]T[/fusion_dropcap]he Chinese animation market is a multi billion dollar industry that rivals Japan’s anime industry. The Chinese animation market was expected to reach 150 billion yuan in 2017. Co-productions between China and Japan have been growing in numbers in recent years. Thunderbolt Fantasy, a wuxia puppet-animated television series, was broadcasted…


Corporate Mergers Blending Ideas and Finance

[fusion_dropcap boxed=”no” boxed_radius=”” class=”” id=”” color=””]R[/fusion_dropcap]ecently, or at least as the medium goes, there have been a number of major scale corporate mergers that have sent tremors through the anime industry. As anime and manga become larger brands in the entertainment industry, they are incredibly prone to buyouts and mergers from other big-name producers and…

Image of Netflix icon on a device's screen

Netflix Vastly Expands Their Japanese Animated Netflix Originals in 2018

[fusion_dropcap boxed=”no” boxed_radius=”” class=”” id=”” color=””]N[/fusion_dropcap]etflix is vastly expanding the number of Netflix Original anime in 2018. Among the included titles are Devilman Crybaby, Aggretsuko, Children of the Whales, and many more. Some of the Netflix originals air on Japanese televisions before they are rolled out on Netflix in international territories. This is the case…

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